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Responsible for ooc comics and gangstah versions of your hasubandous.

Anonymous asked: Where did you get your background?

Hello Anon,

I cropped it from the DiaLovers ranking posts which can be found >here<. Recently they also made versions with >white backgrounds<. :3

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Dear Hakuouki fanbase,
I’m sorry for ruining your hasubandous and making a shitty joke about Souji’s health.

DiaLovers already went through this so I figured it was another show’s turn.

I know this isn’t as good as the others and probably has too much text but I just got the feeling that Ruki wasn’t too happy with his situation.

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Sick moves, bro…Ohgod this is horrible orz

Otome animes/games?

Hello guys,

lately I’ve felt like I need a little bit of distance to DiaLovers. Don’t worry though (implying anybody would), I’m not leaving the fandom, just taking a little break since it’s kinda suffocating me (I am to blame for that though).

Aaaaanyway, onto the real point of this post.
Can anyone suggest a good otome anime or game? And for the love of god, please don’t mention UtaPri. I’m not really into school stuff but I’d be willing to check it out anyway.
Animes/games I’ve checked (more or less) so far: DiaLovers (no shit dude), Amnesia, Black Wolves Saga, Hakuouki, Kamigami no Asobi, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu, NORN9, Gekka Ryouran Romance and …UtaPri orz

If you have any suggestions please reply to this post or leave me a message :3

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I swear this was the first thing that came to my mind when he introduced himself.

I don’t know if I will actually survive this anime or quit because of this fukken guy.

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If I were in charge of the DL scripts…let’s all be glad that that will never happen.

I can’t take any of the Dark Fate stuff seriously so far, it’s actually more entertaining for me than anything else and I don’t even mind.

Rather small DiaLovers collection update but I wanted to share it with you anyway :3

Ayato fan to blow me, clearfiles I don’t know how/where to display, Ayato keychain with mirror inside, Ayato character song CD, metal straps inside the black box aaaand a Kanato plush 

More stuff on the way and pre-ordered for next month~

Thank you guys for your nice messages I get every now and then :3 Unlike Ayato I don’t think I’m ttly awsm tho but hey.
I know that some of these are chainmails of some sort but at least some people thought of me (`・ω・´)”

As for the question about how I got so good: I’ve liked drawing ever since I can remember and never seriously stopped (although sometimes I don’t feel like drawing for 1 or 2 months)…Having said that I should probably be at a better level than I am right now but it’s fine I guess. That’s actually all I can say about it, sorry orz

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I guess he would be a good role model…on that part only. And I swear that everytime I enter the kitchen there’s Kou, it’s like his natural habitat.

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