New Blog!

Hey guys,

I made a new blog for my OCs ( I’d love to get some feedback and support on my original stuff as well, so please pay a visit when you feel like it :3
Of course I will continue to post fanart on this blog, so don’t worry!

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I gave Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu a try today…a few minutes in and I get spammed with fab bishi sparkle CGs already. I’m okay with this.
And I ship Kuroudo x Sasuke, fak me right?

Considering it’s Raito I wonder what kind of special feeling he is getting from this.
I like these two together, can’t wait for the Versus CD.

Here’s is my DiaLovers ranking :3 I tried to add text but I wasn’t sure what exactly orz I don’t really dislike the lower ranked characters, I’m just not really interested…except for Kou, I don’t like that guy at all. =A= Sorry Kou fans!

I only draw noses in sideview…for some reason the always bother me when I do front view. Also not bothered by you asking, don’t worry :3

I’m not sure if this qualifies as sadistic but I couldn’t really think of another way…also fulfilling 3 requests with 1 picture haha…I hope you don’t mind orz 

Since I’m too lazy for a complete drawing tutorial I decided to go with a gif of the single steps. I use SAI for my pictures. The lineart and shading are done with the waterbrush, flat colors with the ink pen. The white outline and background were added in PS.
Hope this helps a bit! 

Yep, I’m using a tablet to draw! I have a small Wacom Bamboo which is 6 years old and still works fine (the new Bamboo tablets are named Intuos I believe). At first I had a Trust tablet but it broke after a few weeks.
I don’t have any experience with drawing on a iPad…but from the experience I have with using similar devices I’d say they aren’t very accurate. Imo you’re way better off with a simple Wacom tablet, they aren’t even all that expensive considering how long they last.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Also shameless Wacom advertising.

Somebody’s gonna get really pissed thanks to Raito. I wanna see the idol punching that will follow.
I don’t even support Kou x Subaru / Subaru x Kou, it just seemed like the most effective way of trolling :3

Thank you everybody!

Hello everyone,

I’ve reached 500+ followers and I want to thank you all for your support (≧∇≦)/ It really means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoy my stuff~
…I-I’m not really sure what else to add… (゜▽゜;)
Have a nice day and thank you very much again!

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My best friend requested one of my OCs (Rico) for their birthday…and noticed the age differences between the single pictures. Also obvious art style improvement which is why I’m sharing this.
15yo Rico, don’t judge me, at some point I really was too lazy to draw clothes,

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Ayato shrine update, yesss (at least it’s kinda starting to look like a shrine now). I got these cushions on mbok and Yahoo Japan auctions by using a proxy service and paying an arm and a leg. Still can’t believe that I managed to grab the chibi Ayato cushion, it’s so cute (*≧▽≦)
I really have to think of a way to display everything because there’s even moar stuff on the way…