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If I were in charge of the DL scripts…let’s all be glad that that will never happen.

I can’t take any of the Dark Fate stuff seriously so far, it’s actually more entertaining for me than anything else and I don’t even mind.

Rather small DiaLovers collection update but I wanted to share it with you anyway :3

Ayato fan to blow me, clearfiles I don’t know how/where to display, Ayato keychain with mirror inside, Ayato character song CD, metal straps inside the black box aaaand a Kanato plush 

More stuff on the way and pre-ordered for next month~

Thank you guys for your nice messages I get every now and then :3 Unlike Ayato I don’t think I’m ttly awsm tho but hey.
I know that some of these are chainmails of some sort but at least some people thought of me (`・ω・´)”

As for the question about how I got so good: I’ve liked drawing ever since I can remember and never seriously stopped (although sometimes I don’t feel like drawing for 1 or 2 months)…Having said that I should probably be at a better level than I am right now but it’s fine I guess. That’s actually all I can say about it, sorry orz

I guess he would be a good role model…on that part only. And I swear that everytime I enter the kitchen there’s Kou, it’s like his natural habitat.

Hey guys, I have important news regarding requests!

As of now I won’t offer free requests anymore, instead I will take commissions starting at $5 on >my Fiverr account<. I know that some of you probably won’t be too happy about this but I hope you can understand in one way or another. I like making others happy with my art but at the same time I would like to get a bit out of it in return.

Unfortunately you need a Fiverr account to order from me but signing up is pretty simple and free.
I will consider taking commissions via tumblr if enough people show interest by either sending me a message or commenting. The prices will be the same as on Fiverr. I’m just a bit worried about my personal info being posted on tumblr (Fiverr listing the country I live in is already enough for me lol) so I plan on doing it via e-mail and posting the commission fees on tumblr.

I’m happy about any kind of support, may it be ordering from me or reblogging! :3

I hope you guys aren’t too annoyed by this and can kinda understand me ((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

I can’t help but see these two as the abridged versions of Kaiba and Mokuba orz

You can’t compete with sugar-chan and tomato-kun, go home Yui.
This is probably the most retarded thing I’ve drawn in a while.

I actually have high hopes for the Yuuma VS Azusa CD for obvious reasons. Inb4 Rejet is trolling and we won’t get maso Azusa because of the lunar eclipse orz

Ayato-sama no Basket, 12/10 would watch…Ohgod what have I done.

Pfft, to me it sounds like they are wondering where to go on their honeymoon.
Bad luck Carla, stuck in a country with food he can’t stand. Bitch better get some raw ham.