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Just looking at the More Character Song covers and noticing some stuff everybody else already noticed months ago.

Kou with back ponytail »»»»»»»» Kou with front ponytail. Like. He actually looks cute/nice now.

Important update: Sales

Just a short but important update regarding contacting me for sales:

Since I find it hard to keep track of users who are interested via tumblr’s message system I decided that it’d be better to contact me via e-mail.

So if you’re interested in any of my sales items please send an e-mail to vimyo[at]hotmail[dot]de :3

In case any of the people who were interested in the Syo plush strap are reading this feel free to contact me again since he’s still available c:

That’s it!

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Pretty much how the Yuuma part of the Versus II CD happened. Actually Ruki is responsible for the whole fukken CD (not counting the lunar eclipse).

Ruki, thank you…so much.

I’m sorry for posting so much stuff related to the Versus II CDs lately, it’s just that I’ve been busy with them. Finished all of them now and have to move on to the Sakamaki and Mukami household CDs. I know that there are still some messages in my inbox and that you probably want to see more “original” content, I will get back to that… at some point orz

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Once a tsundere, always a tsundere…okay, he was more dere in the VS cd but you get the idea.

…I’m so lazy orz

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Damnit Kanato, everytime.
Although this was to be expected I still feel like bringing up teddy at a time like that would’ve been quite the mood breaker irl. 

I’m going through the Versus II CDs right now. Finished Ayato VS Raito (don’t remember all that much since that was a few days after its release), Shuu VS Reiji, Carla VS Shin and am currently at Kanato VS Subaru. Might post more stuff related to that since some quotes are just wat. I probably laugh more than I should orz

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Never before have I seen anybody looking so concerned about someone eating ice cream.

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omg so gud art.

My ask box is open for requests again…well, more like suggestions as usual. This means that I won’t draw everything that gets thrown at me but I will pick out some stuff that I’m interested in drawing / making a comic of :3 So if you’d like to see something specific feel free to send me a message~

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UPDATE: Rejet + UtaPri sale!


I got some more items I’d like to sell since I’m not really interested anymore. This includes Rejet and UtaPri merchandising. Yes you heard right…UtaPri… well, mostly Syo. Sorry if the photos are kinda bad, it’s getting dark here.

If interested please send an e-mail to vimyo[at]hotmail[dot]de

I accept offers.


imageTiny x Machinegun - The Game for PC, NEW 45€ OBO

imageVanquish Brothers Drama CD - Shingen, NEW 15€ OBO

imageMARGINAL#4 - Aiba Rui Deka Keychain, 10cm, 8€

imageDiabolik Lovers - Kanato Biscuit strap, approx. 4cm in diameter, 3€

imageDiabolik Lovers - Kanato Key strap, approx. 7.5cm in total (key is 4cm), 5€

imageKen ga Kimi - Enishi badge, approx. 3cm in diameter, 1€

imageUtaPri - Syo plush strap, approx. 15cm, removeable hat, 30€ OBO

imageUtaPri - Syo mousepad, approx. 23cm x 15.5cm, 2€

imageUtaPri - Ai mousepad, approx. 23cm x 15.5cm, 2€

imageUtaPri - Syo charm, paint chipped on left foot, approx. 4.5cm, 3€

imageUtaPri - Syo rubber strap, approx. 7.5cm, 4€

That’s all for now! :3

So I only today realized that this was possible since I went through the menu because my bgm wasn’t working for whatever reason (Ohgod, I’m so slow).

Not even I am enough of a dick to do this when it comes to Kou. I played through his whole story with his voice on and totally didn’t button mash the last chapters just to get it over with. Yeah…right…

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Anonymous asked: If I may ask, how did you get into DiaLovers? And what made you like Ayato? Or rather, why do you like him?

How I got into DiaLovers…well, I wanted to check some otome games so I scanned through whatever AmiAmi had to offer. I saw DiaLovers but it didn’t really catch my interest since I expected it to try really hard being cool and edgy so I dismissed it. Then the anime came out and I thought „Oh, seems like the game was popular enough to get its own anime…whatever, will just check it out I guess“ but didn’t expect anything due to bad reviews. So I watched the first episode and found it rather interesting since it was different. Nobody was being overly friendly, in fact it was pretty much „Fuck you, I’ll do whatever I want, bitch.“ which was a nice change from the usual otome stuff…and I like blood in my „romance“ (don’t judge me). So I waited for every new episode and then started playing the games afterwards as well as drawing fan art.

As to why I like Ayato…hmmm. I actually started out as a Kanato fan but during the course of the game I took a liking to Shuu but also got more interested in Ayato and saved his path for last. No regrets, worth the wait. I really like his voice and how he is so narcissistic and overconfident… I think it’s really cute in a way. I also find it rather cute that he doesn’t know how to tie a necktie lol. Nowadays I can’t help but think that he is kinda derp but then again I have a fixed view on each characters personality which is probably kinda ooc.

I’m probably missing some aspects as to why I like Ayato but overall I think he’s cute although kind of a dick (like fukken everybody else)…which actually just makes it better. I get little fangirl moments whenever Ayato pops up in another character’s path, it’s one of the best things that can happen in game.

I’m sorry for not being able to give a better explanation orz

I hope this answer isn’t too long/detailed. I also decided not to draw a picture for this one because I didn’t know what to draw but also because I don’t find it neccessary for these kind of questions (`・ω・´)”

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