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I can’t help but see these two as the abridged versions of Kaiba and Mokuba orz

You can’t compete with sugar-chan and tomato-kun, go home Yui.
This is probably the most retarded thing I’ve drawn in a while.

I actually have high hopes for the Yuuma VS Azusa CD for obvious reasons. Inb4 Rejet is trolling and we won’t get maso Azusa because of the lunar eclipse orz

Ayato-sama no Basket, 12/10 would watch…Ohgod what have I done.

Pfft, to me it sounds like they are wondering where to go on their honeymoon.
Bad luck Carla, stuck in a country with food he can’t stand. Bitch better get some raw ham.

Lunar eclipse, ain’t gotta explain shit.

Ohgod, smiling Carla scares me more than he should. 
And I never expected Shin to call him “nii-san”.

Award for the manliest name 2014 goes to Carla.

Shin is probably so ooc that I can’t even handle him right now.

Imo Yuuma will always slap everybody’s shit, no matter who it is. So…Subaru, better stick to punching the shit out of Kou.

I’m not gangster enough to come up with better outfits orz

Got my new tablet and decided that Komaeda x Naegi should take its virginity.
Naegi y u so cute and Komaeda’s fetish on top of that.

SDR2 logic: something really important happened and I gtg? Nah screw that, will talk to errybody about meaningless shit first, who gives a fuck.
…Ohgod, this isn’t even funny. orz

Since my pen wasn’t bitching I thought I might draw. This will be my last picture using my current tablet, I wonder in how far the new one will be different… inb4 not at all.

I wonder when my DiaLover followers will start complaining about all this SDR2 shit.